Four Seasons Mural

Welcome to the world of Originals by Monique.

On this site you will be able to view the art and contact the artist who creates personal art masterpieces by commission. Austrian Folk Art is an ancient European way of making day to day objects come alive with personality and intensity. The art you see on these pages is only representative of the types of art you can own for yourself. This rapidly disappearing hand crafted kind of art is difficult to find outside of museums. The intricacies of hand crafted art are difficult to properly appreciate on your computer screen, but we believe you, the site visitor, will see enough to be convinced that you want to own some of this art for your personal collection. Please contact the artist and Monique will work with you to develop a sketch and deliver art that is truly museum quality.



Vase and Flower Mural

Dear Art Lovers,

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Monique. I had been in several homes over the last 3-4 years that had murals painted by Monique. When we designed our new home we created an art nook to eventually have a mural. Monique created several small options that might work for us and we were able to choose the one that we liked best. It is an Austrian Mountain scene in the Fall and turned out absolutely amazing! All of our guest have commented as to how wonderful it looks and how it perfectly compliments our home. We were so satisfied with her work that we commissioned her to do Austrian scrolls around our kitchen windows which is very typical in Tyrolean homes.

Once again we were so pleased that we are currently planning the next mural which will be a four seasons scene to go above our front door!


Dr. Bret A. Barger